Who. What.

Minima Mystica was born of the desire to demystify, normalize and uplift energy healing principles and make them more accessible and relatable in everyday life, in everyday objects. Minima Mystica is the product of one evening's metaphysical unease, to establish a creative retail arm to parent company, Tiny Healer. It is born of the appreciation for energy mechanics as well as a deep reverence for energy healing, alternative medicine and the sacred. It is a product of a deep respect for everyday life and a bottomless belief in making it inseparable from a rich inner life. Minima Mystica started in Northern California, but meant to be shared with the rest of the world. 



We are dedicated to bringing integration between the inner life and aligning it with the outer life. We seek to make the transition seamless and harmonious. We seek to create consistency with the spirit. We seek to spark inspiration, joy, love, learning and beauty.